Course Description

Ever faced a big life decision and felt unsure about which way to go?

Whether it was leaving or starting a relationship, leaving a safe job, spending a large amount of money we all find ourselves facing big life change decisions with little evidence to make the right choice.

You can ask family and friends, but often, you become more confused with differing opinions. I am here to teach you that YOU DO KNOW, You are your wisest advisor.

You have a natural knowing within you that transcends logic, reason and experience -- and most definitely other people's opinions. You just might not have been taught how to hear your intuition via three intuitive systems.

By the end of the course you will be able to read the world, other people and yourself with such a depth that you will have more faith in yourself and the decision for your future.

This course is for you if:

* You're practical, down to earth and want to have instant intuition without the meditation you don't have space for in a busy life.

This course is NOT for you if:

* You're looking for super natural powers, future predictions, magic wands or a spiritual bypass from personal commitment to life.

The course is made up of Audio and Downloadable Workbooks

Becky has an in knack of encouraging her pupils to TRUST in themselves, and their ability to make change, which ultimately leads to a path of least resistance for those who have fear of change!!

Becky is warm and funny, but doesn't mince her words, so you can be sure that you will get accuracy, and a wealth of knowledge, all wrapped up in love and humour! Liz - past student


Becky Walsh

I've been turning the dry world of self-development on its head with a down-to-earth and uniquely funny style. I'm an expert in areas of self-development, communication, spirituality and intuition. I show people how to find the answers to life biggest questions. I do this by blending psychology, spirituality and breakthrough science not only in one to one sessions, but also in my teaching, presenting my TV show ‘Anything goes with Becky Walsh across the Made TV network and in my unique stand-up comedy show, where I use intuition to tell audience things about them I shouldn't know whilst mixing this with improv comedy. I'm the author of five published books including ‘You Do Know – learning to act on intuition instantly’ published by Hay House, which pioneers some revolutionary ideas on a brain in the gut, one in the heart and I put a high level of intuition down to being dyslexic. TV appearances include: The One Show, This Morning, Fuji TV. I had my own mini TV show on 'Made in Bristol called 'Becky's life hacks'. I'm a past presenter on LBC radio and currently freelance for BBC Radio Bristol and Somerset. I also blog for Huffington Post and Psychologies magazine. Most recently I was in a feature for 'In Style' magazine for The Times on Sunday about my work with corporate companies. Everything I do is with one ambition in mind, to move you far away from fear and closer to living a life you love. I believe a block is a holding point whilst your waiting for more information, I provide the information to get you moving.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction - You DO know!

    • Introduction - How you know what you know

    • Full replay of zoom webinar on intuition 12th October 2020

  • 2

    The Listening Mind

    • Mental intuition

    • The Listening Mind

  • 3

    The Listening Emotions

    • Empathy

    • The Listening Emotions

  • 4

    The Listening Body

    • Somatic intuition

    • The Listening Body

    • Webinar recording class extra

    • An extra from course zoom class

    • Extra lesson on 'Clarity' October 2020

  • 5

    Lessons on intuition broadcast on Clubhouse and Instagram June 2021

    • Somatic intuition

    • Mental intuition

    • Emotional intuition

    • Connected Consciousness

    • The Gut-Brain

    • The Heart brain