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Do you have a book idea or is your head swimming with book ideas, but you’re not sure which to run with, or how to start? Five published books and six e-books ago, I was just like you.

I didn’t know if I had the talent for writing or even a good idea, it all felt so daunting and to top it all off I am dyslexic. But that desire to write was strong, so I figured out a strategy to keep writing and keep my fears in check. It’s a strategy I have used with students in person for years, many of them are now published, authors. I am delighted to share it globally, starting with you.

This six-part course takes you from scattered ideas to a fully fleshed-out book writing plan:

  1. Get the inspiration to write
  2. Get power behind your words
  3. Get your mind empty for clarity
  4. Get your mind focused for productivity
  5. How to get the book started
  6. Get clear of any resistance to writing

The course is made up of films, worksheets, audio and an eBook, all with the intention of pulling the information that will make you an author out of you.

By the end of it you should have: A clear book idea, know your writer's voice, all your ideas down ready to start writing, tools to clear resistance and procrastination.

You will be ready to start writing with everything mapped out so it’s like ‘painting by numbers’!


"I am excited to introduce you my first novel :) Your sessions last year pushed me into taking the next step... and now my novel is out: The Destiny of Shaitan By Laxmi Hariharan" (find on Amazon)

"Since I did your writing course I wrote an opinion piece for a magazine which I actually got paid for! It's the first piece of writing that I ever got paid for, so I am really happy about that. Doing your course gave me the confidence to try it out, as it had been suggested to me quite a long time ago, so thanks so much for that". Sharon

"I found the course enjoyable, practical and rewarding. I really looked forward to seeing the ideas and advice presented every week and found the format really engaging. All the topics were stimulating, informative and practical. I also loved the interviews. I think that the strength of the course is the array of questions that gradually unfold throughout that make you think about your work in a much more focused manner. You have put a lot of work into it and it shows. Thank you so much". Nicola

I Loved your course. My new best friend Muse is chattering away all the time, and I'm looking at everything differently. I am actually different since starting your course. Every week I was very excited to see the next part of the course, and it was always highly inspirational and enlightening. Heartfelt thanks for this wonderful opportunity - Life-changing, to say the least. Much Love, Aisling xxx

Becky- For me, this course has been the best life-changing and value for money that I have ever spent. In answer to the parts in the course 'liked best'/ the ones didn't like as much is difficult to answer because they were all very relevant. It's full of thought-provoking Idea's and your feedback has been Inspirational. This course has brought out my Inner Author to become a 'voice' because of the 'light bulb moments' and this has enabled me to put my 'story' together. Without your direction, I don't how long it would have taken me. The forum has been a very good support system because the other students are on the same journey and have been very supportive. You have given us a wealth of information and the useful resources for writers is a wonderful resource to have to explore different avenue's.

I have truly enjoyed this course and am really sorry it has come to an end. I am going to miss it. So thank you Becky- You are truly an Inspiration. Elaine


Becky Walsh

I've been turning the dry world of self-development on its head with a down-to-earth and uniquely funny style. I'm an expert in areas of self-development, communication, spirituality and intuition. I show people how to find the answers to life biggest questions. I do this by blending psychology, spirituality and breakthrough science not only in one to one sessions, but also in my teaching, presenting my TV show ‘Anything goes with Becky Walsh across the Made TV network and in my unique stand-up comedy show, where I use intuition to tell audience things about them I shouldn't know whilst mixing this with improv comedy. I'm the author of five published books including ‘You Do Know – learning to act on intuition instantly’ published by Hay House, which pioneers some revolutionary ideas on a brain in the gut, one in the heart and I put a high level of intuition down to being dyslexic. TV appearances include: The One Show, This Morning, Fuji TV. I had my own mini TV show on 'Made in Bristol called 'Becky's life hacks'. I'm a past presenter on LBC radio and currently freelance for BBC Radio Bristol and Somerset. I also blog for Huffington Post and Psychologies magazine. Most recently I was in a feature for 'In Style' magazine for The Times on Sunday about my work with corporate companies. Everything I do is with one ambition in mind, to move you far away from fear and closer to living a life you love. I believe a block is a holding point whilst your waiting for more information, I provide the information to get you moving.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Part 1 - Get the inspiration to write

    • The desire to write

    • Every book needs a purpose

    • Author Liz Dean

    • The questions

    • Get clear on your book idea

    • Becky Walsh speaking in Birmingham (Extra freebie)

    • Why the world needs your book

    • Why write a book

    • Why I am the person to write this book

  • 2

    Part 2 - Get the power behind your words

    • Every book needs a purpose

    • The questions

    • Finding your passion as a writer

    • Finding your authors voice

    • Finding your expertise

  • 3

    Part 3 Get your mind empty for clarity

    • Make a commitment to your book idea

    • Author Nicola Phoenix

    • Reseach non-fiction

    • Non-fiction mind map

    • Forget your book

  • 4

    Part 4 - Get your mind focused for producivity

    • Non-fiction breakdown

    • Your fiction book idea

    • Book titles - EXPLICITE WORDiNG!!

    • Clear clutter authors

    • Writing for healing

  • 5

    Part 5 - How to get a book started

    • Get inspired

    • Author John Purkiss

    • Author Sandy C. Newbigging

    • The Muse

    • Liminal time and space

    • How to make time

  • 6

    Part 6 - Get clear of resistance to writing

    • Freedom of your time

    • Book Inspiration Mike Dooley

    • The fear of people reading your work

    • Procastination

    • The faces of ego

    • The Bus

    • ego mind

  • 7

    Thank you!!!

    • Thank you

    • Becky Walsh talks about writing in Dublin (Extra freebie)

    • From a Coaching session - Writing introductions and Amazon reseach

    • Back stage - Just for fun!


5 star rating

Immersive _ couldn't tear myself away from it!

Christine Tanner

Becky's course is so accessible and immersive. I just could not tear myself away from it, and plan to keep revisiting the course over time. I like the empowe...

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Becky's course is so accessible and immersive. I just could not tear myself away from it, and plan to keep revisiting the course over time. I like the empowerment the course has afforded me, and believe that there is a book in me which can change peoples lives. I first got the idea for a book when Suffering from a heavy cold at home - time is a precious commodity in my busy workday life. Knowing how to create more time is amazing, and often I found myself saying 'I can do this, I'm already doing some of this'. Working on oneself is the key to making a book. Becky shares with you in the most accessible language, drawing upon her years of experience and education from working with people and following her intuition. I cannot recommend it enough

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